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Megan Anne Bolton
17 years, 4 months and 23 days



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Hey best friend!!!!


Her favorite color was red.

Cosmo magazine says that only confident people can wear red. Well, she wore it on her fingertips, across her lips, and in every other hair on her strawberry-blonde head. She was confident alright. Confident with love, friendships, and in life. At times I think the best thing about her was the confidence she wore, and how well it could wear off on all the people around her.

Friends fell in love with her laughter, and the comedy she brought to every situation serious or lighthearted. Her family encouraged her caring-ness and the ability to put others ahead of herself. And strangers adored her beauty, most of which they would have no idea….

She believed in rules that were worth breaking. That no matter what, there was always room for dessert. And that waking up early was a good idea. She believed wishes could be made on not only candles and stars, but eyelashes, punch buggies, pennies, railroad tracks, and numbers too. She trusted that everything would always be okay in the end. And that life would go on around her no matter what the outcome ahead. She trusted in fate, in forgiveness, and most of all in her friends. She swore that the only way to eat vanilla ice cream was with rainbow sprinkles on top. That math was a complete waste of time. And most days were better spent unplanned. She laughed at coincidence. The thought of a Heaven. The sight of corn muffins, and most enjoyably at herself. She worked hard to eliminate fear. Missing people too much. And above all she tried to keep doubts from turning into regrets.

Some will dwell on her death as a tragedy, I prefer to talk of her life as a blessing. She chose to find a smile in every day. And she showed many, close and afar, how to not take happiness for granted, to bring love into the heart free of pain, and most importantly to live life without regret.

Her favorite color was red.

Red is the only color that means “STOP”, but as a walking burst of redness, I know that even in her passing, she will never... She continues to go on in every loving heart, memory, and prayer.

2003 Letter to Megan  [read more]





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In loving memory of a beautiful daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend