As a way to preserve Megan's memory and perpetuate her giving spirit the Friends of Megan Bolton Memorial Fund has been established to support graduating students with a scholarship to a higher educational institution of their choice.

Her Fund is being administered through The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, formerly known as the The Greater Harrisburg Foundation.

Tax deductible contributions should be mailed to:
Friends of Megan Bolton Memorial Fund c/o The Foundation for
Enhancing Communities

PO Box 678, Harrisburg, PA 17108-0678

Please call The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, at (717) 236 - 5040, if you have any questions regarding Megan's fund.

We thank the following donors for their generosity.  Through their gifts, Megan's legacy will be preserved and deserving students will receive scholarships in her name.

Robert Z. Bolton Joann Bolton Skarlatos and Zonarich Mr. and Mrs. William H. Campbell
Nancy S. Wingert Sue Ann Gardner Jane Svitchan Corporate Threads
Gunn-Mowery Insurance Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Strumsky Mr. and Mrs. John K. Stark
Lori A. Ryerson Michael L. Bangs, Esq. Malady & Wooten Public Affairs, LLP Mr. and Mrs. James Reed
Mr. and Ms. Richard Atkinson R. Luke Rohrbaugh Mr. and Mrs. B. Kenneth Greider Warren G. Morgan
Mr. and Ms. Stephen B. Spangler Michael E. May Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Travisano M.D. Jim Ravina
Sen. Harold F. Mowery, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. P. Gage Bolton Caryn Mottilla Byerly Incorporated
Kenneth W. Taylor Marshall K. Davis Insurance Agency Beverly J. Bolton M. Sharon Turner
Ronald R. Gilius Marcella Garner Wayne Weber Jr. Elizabeth V. Bangs
Willie Ross Joe Rosa Mindy Gingrich Wayne Weber
Bob Driver Janet Moyer Banu Narayanaswamy Shailu Gollapalli
Kelly Wittle Mike Bickert Shawn Devito Marci Blouch
Sree Krishnan

Fran Ware

Diane Madden Kris Holtzman
Margaret Gaughan Carol Garside Shawn White Colleen Darhower
Tammy Neal Paula Allen Denise Anderson Sharol Achimovich
Diane Moore-Snyder Jeff Rounsville Marci Garner Michelle Hollman
Candy Lyons Ann Natale Shivon Holmes Nanci Myers
Rebecca Alvarado Tracy Shulda Chris Fleisher Tracy Shulda
Dayna Bryner Mr. and Mrs. David A. Taylor Mr. Kevin S. Collins and Mrs. Sara Bolton Marily Solomon
Marian H. Semoff Antoinette Natale Mr. and Mrs. John Cuddeford Sofia Pearlman
Lynn Picard

Deb Weaver

Judy Struzzi Sue Fink
Trudy Johnston Cindy Cuddeford Maureen Beltrandi Gretchen L. Spitzer
Wendy G. Bolton Pamela M. Cersosimo Gerald L. Hempt  

We would like to also recognize and thank the following businesses that have donated their services and/or merchandise in support of Meganís Memorial Fund. From T shirts, caps and other merchandise to Meganís website and fund brochures a big thank you goes out to - 5Bís Inc., A.I.R. Conway, BIC Graphics USA, Label Art, Rick Weaver, Armstrong Printery, PGC Inc., Corporate Threads, Garyline and finally to Melissa Etshied for developing Megís and Tessaís ď No Regrets ď logo.

Website by: Rick Weaver

In loving memory of a beautiful daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend