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Friends of Megan Bolton Memorial Fund Scholarship Recipients

Thank you to all students who submitted applications for the “ Friends of Megan Bolton “ scholarship. Scholarships were awarded to the following students.


2011 Scholarship Recipient
Lauren Marshall
CHHS Graduate
Baylor University
2010 Scholarship Recipient
Christopher Pillion
CHHS Graduate
West Chester University
2009 Scholarship Recipient
Rachel Kaiser
CHHS Graduate
Washington College
Secondary Education - Math
2008 Scholarship Recipient
Emily Bingham
CHHS Graduate
Franklin & Marshall College
Biological Foundations of Behavior
2007 Scholarship Recipient
Emma Kinzer
CHHS graduate
Syracuse University
2006 Scholarship Recipients
Megan Hoffman
CHHS graduate
Temple University
Film Studies
Charlotte Myers
CHHS graduate
Davidson College
International Studies
2005 Scholarship Recipient
Mary Cameron
CHHS graduate
Loyola College
2004 Scholarship Recipients
Kristen Moody
CHHS graduate
Rhode Island University
Elementary Education
Kathleen Stark
CHHS graduate
Furman University
Tessa Miller
EP graduate
Shippensburg University

With her fun loving attitude Meg was able to cultivate a diverse circle of friends and treasured the time she spent with them. Always ready to make them laugh with a funny remark or sometimes “ off the wall “ behavior……she loved them all.

Meg often used the Joshua Loth Liebman quote mentioned below by one of her friends. All applicants were asked to submit an essay describing their ideas of friendship and the significance of having close friends in their lives. In no particular order here are a few passages from this year’s applicants.

“ a friend and I once decided that exchanging “ I love you “ results in a warm chocolate cookie feeling inside…….I feel that close friends are the most important thing to hold onto as we get older. They are the ones who truly know who we are. Essentially, without friends we’d be lost."

“ friends should take advantage of their time together because there are so many roadblocks that could tear them apart, whether it is time, change or death. A true friendship, however, will last a lifetime regardless of certain obstacles. A quote I have always taken into consideration with my friendships is stated best by Joshua Loth Liebman, “ treasure each other in the recognition that we do not know how long we shall have each other”.

“ my friends have taught me so much, from learning how to forgive to the secret of making a perfect pancake…..a secret that will follow me to my grave. They have shown me how to see the good in everyone, as well as how to sing songs so obnoxiously loud that anyone within earshot truly understands the concept of tone – deafness.”

“ the Beatles correctly stated “ oh, baby I get by with a little help from my friends “. I believe that people enter one’s life for a purpose and that God brings these people to you to help you grow, help you learn and help you love. “

“ best friends become everything. They’re the ones to run to instead of mom and dad, they become closer than family. They will believe in your dreams and at times believe in them more than you do; they’ll never let you give up. They’ll call Saturday morning just to make sure you wake up on time to go to work when they could have slept in – and they won’t get mad when you grumpily answer the phone. They’re the ones at your door with double chocolate ice cream and two spoons when you break up with another silly boy, and will help you realize who really matters. Best friends are so many things rolled into one, and above all; full of love. “

Website by: Rick Weaver

In loving memory of a beautiful daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend