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October 18, 2003

Brunswick girl died in car crash

Susan Nicol
News – Post Staff

Megan Bolton fit right in, and made close friends almost as soon as she started her junior year at Brunswick High School last year.

Her sudden death in a car crash this past summer left her friends numb and struggling for answers.

But instead of dwelling on the tragedy, her classmates have pitched in to help raise money for a scholarship in her memory, established by her father, Gage Bolton.

“Her motto was “ no regrets,” and that was how she felt,” said Stacey Livesay, one of her close friends. Stacey and Megan started sitting with her at lunch, and they instantly hit it off. It wasn’t long before the girl from Camp Hill, Pa., had introduced her to two other classmates, Patty and Lauren, and soon the foursome were going out to dinner on Friday nights on their way to watch basketball games. “ We went wherever they played,” said Lauren Blodgett. “ We had a blast. “

On July 8th, Megan was on her way to Pennsylvania to have the muffler on her Mazda repaired when her car crossed the median of U.S. 15. It collided with a truck headed southbound, and she was killed instantly. Her friends and her father say they can only guess what may have happened – she could have been reaching to change a CD in the portable player or caught up in a song.

At 2:30 p.m. on October 24th, a tree will be planted in her memory at Brunswick High School. Friends in a local band, 2birdstone, will perform a song they wrote about her.

Classmates say Megan was considerate of others and obeyed the rules. “ She got her license in March, and she was a good driver. She always drove the speed limit or under,” said Patty Skaggs. “ For the first three months, she wasn’t allowed to have anyone in the car and she couldn’t listen to music either. She didn’t sneak around. We couldn’t ride.”

Stacey compiled a scrapbook that shows the foursome laughing and hanging out. It’s those memories, the students say, that keeps them going. The girls laughed as they recalled trips to Starbucks to get their daily dose of espresso. “ We went through the drive-thru, and they knew who we were and what we wanted.” Ms. Livesay said.

The students say the think of their friend, and how she would react to certain situations. The choice of a weeping cherry tree to be planted in her memory was just perfect, they say. “ She just loved cherries. Once, the cherry fell off her drink at Starbucks, and went back in to get another. They just shook their heads and gave her one, “ Stacy remembered with a laugh.

“ She was open to everyone, “ Lauren said.

 “ And, the saddest part about all of this is that others never really got to know her, “ Patty said.

The three young women, who are headed to college next year, said Megan also had dreams of attending college. They say she wrote poetry and enjoyed drawing. A scholarship fund has been established in Megan’s memory, and students at Brunswick and Camp Hill high schools will be the recipients. Megan attended Camp Hill before moving to Adamstown last year.

Mr. Bolton said his daughter worked at Buckingham’s Choice, and was saving money for college. He said she would be pleased that students with dreams of higher education will be assisted. A committee will select the recipients, and Mr. Bolton said he’s happy that some of his daughter’s friends may benefit.

Stacy has been helping with that effort by selling red T- shirts bearing her best friend’s motto: “ no regrets. “

Information about donations can be obtained on the Web site:

Mr. Bolton said the Greater Harrisburg Foundation is administering the scholarship fund.

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In loving memory of a beautiful daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend